Covid-19: 5 essential habits to be healthy during the pandemic.

Jun 17, 2021

Like most of us are you too flooded with forwards telling you the “best tips” to fight back Covid?

Information can get overwhelming during these times, and yet the fear of the deadly disease pushes us to look for more. This blog is concise and focuses on the 5 essential things everyone needs to know to keep themselves healthy during the pandemic.


1. Having a healthy and balanced diet.


“A healthy outside starts from inside.” 

This quote has found its relevance in our daily lives. Conscious eating has never been as much of an urge of the hour as it is today.

A diet that includes an adequate amount of fruits and vegetables, whole grain, healthy fat, and protein may boost our immune system to help fight against Covid-19. The doctor recommended amount of fruits and vegetables is at least 400 grams per day.

Limiting our everyday sugar intake is always a good idea. Our liver metabolizes sugar the same as alcohol. It is also an easy ticket to heart diseases caused by raised blood pressure and chronic inflammation. Fruits can be a suitable replacement for sugary treats.

Hydration is the key to the proper functioning of our body, or as I like to put it, “8 glasses of water a day, keeps the doctor away”.  


2. Staying active.


The world may have successfully adapted to working from home, but our bodies are yet to adjust to our sedentary lifestyle.

A leisurely walk in the garden can go a long way in helping improve our physical as well as mental health. 


3. Regulated sleep cycles.


Scrolling through social media late at night is probably one habit you can’t seem to let go of, and yes, it is doing more harm than you possibly think.

Lack of sleep has been linked to various health problems, from Obesity to Alzheimer there can be some serious effects to it.  

A regulated sleep cycle gives our body adequate time to recover from the stress and exhaustion it has to go through every day. It can give some long-lasting benefits, instead of the quick fixes we look for in different medications.

It is proven to strengthen our immunity too. According to researchers, good sleep can help T cells in our body fight off infection. 


4. Cleanliness and hygiene.


This one doesn’t need an explanation. Maintaining a standard level of personal and environmental hygiene is an important spike in the wheel of being healthy.

Washing our hands at regular intervals, and showering regularly don’t need a mention. Cleaning the surfaces of our gadgets along with desk spaces is as important too.

Leftovers, trash, and accumulated garbage should be cleaned and disposed of regularly.

Masks are an integral part of our daily lives, keeping them clean is the foremost thing one must be concerned about. Single-use masks should be disposed of carefully, to not spread any infection. Cloth masks should be washed with lukewarm soapy water and dried in the sun. 


5. Consuming the right information. 


Lastly, always check any information from a verified source.

During these uncertain times, overload of information can cause anxiety and confusion amongst everyone. Social media is loaded with tips and news for each individual to choose from, this can be mentally exhausting and sometimes harmful for our physical health too.

Stay informed about Covid-19 from the right and reliable resources and consume consciously. 


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