Dec 01, 2021


Variants arise where there is rapid spread and low vaccination rate, and so is South Africa with less than 50% vaccination rate.

OMICRON is spreading across Europe, currently detected in, U.K, Germany, Belgium and Italy, as the latest variant of concern, around the world.

Israel is now reporting community transmission of OMICRON from a cardiologist with three doses to another cardiologist three doses, although his condition is mild and he is improving, also he does not need any medical attention.

But, the point is that it is extremely transmissible, that means it will easily infect people who are not vaccinated or only partially vaccinated, which is a lot of people.

On Saturday, 27th November, our Prime Minister- Narendra Modi, chaired a meet on the current situation, he introduced the stricter guidelines and directed officials to review the lifting of international travel restrictions.

States began to re-tighten curbs and urgently trace people who arrived from abroad..

*In Maharashtra, while domestic travellers arriving in the state shall be fully vaccinated or carry a negative RT-PCr test report valid for 72 hours, the travellers from foreign countries shall be governed by the directions of the Union Government.

*In Tamil Nadu, the government has directed their district administrations to intensify surveillance and carry out field tests, also to be alert as the various reports of new variant is emerging in light.

*In Telangana, the government has strengthened it's COVID-19 surveillance system and alerted teams in view of the threat of OMICRON.

*In Kerala, the Health Minister said that all the passengers coming to the state from countries where the variant has been reported will undergo an RT-PCR test within 72 hours. And to identify if any variants were present in the state, they'll be going through genetic testing.

*In Karnataka, the Chief Minister said, "we have requested the Union Government to ban the arrival of passengers from the three countries which have reported the new variant".

*In Delhi, the Chief Minister made a demand to not allow flights from the affected countries.