Dec 04, 2021

Winter makes all of us a little lethargic and unshielded to diseases. The greatest challenge in
winters is to keep oneself healthy and active. The best way to energize your body is keeping
your schedule healthy and immunity high.

And for that you don't need to do much:-
1. Eat more seasonal fruits and vegetables
2. Drink compulsory quantity of warm water
3. Have a pinch of ginger in your tea/coffee/soup
4. Add dry fruits in your diet
5. Drink hot milk with stamina booster
6. Play some indoor sports
7. And cover yourself with enough warm clothes

One of the most important reasons for feeling sluggish during winter is lack of sunlight, which
disrupts our sleep and waking cycles.

Try using these two tips:-
1:- Get outdoors in natural daylight as much as possible
2:- Get a sound sleep, go to bed and wake up at the same time every day

You can be productive any time of the year by doing several things, but if you ask specifically
about winters, I would suggest that working out, doing yoga and practicing exercises will give
best results in making your winters healthy and fit.