Stop self-diagnosing: 5 reasons to see a doctor instead.

Stop self-diagnosing: 5 reasons to see a doctor instead.

Jul 12, 2021

The feasibility of getting results with just one click has led a lot of us to turn to google the first thing whenever we come face-to-face with any problem.

It is the same for any symptoms of distress or illnesses. The first thing we turn to is our phone, search for our symptoms and decide if it is severe enough to go to a doctor.

What we fail to see is that the internet provides us with the most common results, the most common ailment that matches our symptoms, it is seldom a full hundred percent right.

Listed are some of the reasons why you should seek professional medical help than self-diagnosing.

1. Online credibility is questionable.

Did the advice you receive online come from a professional in that specific field? You mostly don’t know. There are hundreds of question-answer sites where you can post your query, and anyone is free to answer. Within few hours, you will have bits of advice from all around the globe; how many of them can you trust enough? Online credibility is questionable, and one can never blindly follow anything found on the internet.

2. Humans cannot judge themselves accurately.

As humans, it is natural that you may miss on symptoms. You might be smothering turmeric on your zits desperately trying to cure them, completely ignoring the underlying condition.

3. Prolonging a sickness that can be cured easily if caught early on.

You found an elaborate article online telling you how drinking turmeric with hot water will cure your symptom, so you continue with it for months till you realize it does nothing. Visiting the doctor only makes your heart sink farther as he tells you it could have been easily cured at the first step only. You wasted months trying to cure something, that was easily treatable within weeks.  This is a very common situation. If one feels something is bothering them, it is always a better idea to check with their physician.

4. Mental health

Ailments related to mental health often have overlapped symptoms. One can have raced heartbeat and might think they are going through a heart attack only to realize they were experiencing anxiety. Similarly, being lethargic can be an important symptom one can easily overlook. Mental health is also a very hushed topic and is seldom spoken of in households, leading to people resorting to online sources. While they might provide you some insights, they hardly help you deal with it. Hence, it is best to seek medical help than searching for solutions online and misdiagnosing yourself.

5. Lead you to worry more than needed. 

Online results show you every possibility of a symptom, connecting every symptom to chronic disease. Headaches will have results ranging from stress to sinus, and you are left to yourself to figure out which of them is applicable. 

It may lead to unnecessary worrying, which can worsen the condition.

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